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Aloha!  Tomorrow morning I'm off to The Big Island, to Red Cinder Creativity Center, an artist colony founded by painter Helen Chellin.  It looks beautiful from the online pictures and the director is gentle, kind, and engaged.  She called me on my cell phone to answer a question I had emailed to...
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The value of a writers' retreat is just that, permission to write without being interrupted, to make the writing priority, to fall in love over and over again with words and ideas. I don't know why I do not take opportunity of the numerous writers' retreats that are available more often, because...
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It's true--we put an ocean between us and the Cossacks, keep our feet on city sidewalks now.  But I am going to a retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains for two weeks, to a historic home recommended by my friend Katherine Smith.   It's a real retreat, no cell phones, internet or TV.  I'm already...