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Promo note – WHEN DANGER CALLS is now available at the Kindle Store. It's $2.99. Of course, if you want an autographed hard copy (great for gifts) you can still get them either through the regular Amazon store or via my website. Back to the Writers' Police Academy Dr. Jeffrey Hayes was the...
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The second day at the Writers' Police Academy got off with a bang. Literally. We were ushered into a hallway at the college, ostensibly to hear one of the deputies talk about law enforcement on campus. He was interrupted by one of the group, who began shouting about his grades, and that...
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A guest post today. The Hubster is here recounting his adventures in the Firearms Simulation Training at the Writers' Police Academy. The FATS Experience, by The First Victim   The decision to sign up for Firearms Training Simulator (FATS) module at the Writers Police Academy (WPA) was...
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Sorry for the lag between posts; I've been out of town at another writers' conference.  Back to my notes from the Writers' Police Academy. The latter part of Friday was spent listening to Dr. Jonathan Hayes, Senior Medical Examiner for New York City. He began by explaining what a forensic...
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At the Writers' Police Academy, there were a lot of workshops involving firearms, and a lot of discussion on the use of deadly force and its ramifications. Today, I'm rerunning a post from Homicide Detective Mark Hussey, where he was involved in a shooting very early in his career.http://...
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The first official Writers' Police Academy, organized by Lee Lofland (if you don't know him from his blog, The Graveyard Shift, he's a retired cop who helps authors get the 'cop stuff' right' in their books). We squeezed into shuttle vans on Friday morning and arrived at the Guilford Technical...