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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (even in metric). I experienced over two month's of writer's block many a year ago. I did sit literally at my desk for hours, and can to this day accurately describe that desk. Its vision is before/behind my eyes as I key. I have devised a scheme...
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MANUSCRIPT BOUNCING--IS IT OKAY? Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007 There is nothing ill to be said about bouncing from one manuscript to another. Eventually one of them might steal you away from the others. You have to listen/feel for that magic. The proper story will call out to you and, if you find yourself...
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 Today we are celebrating the wonderful Patry Francis and the paperback release of her novel, THE LIAR's DIARY. In support of Patry Francis and this remarkable blog initiative, Penguin Group USA would like to offer 15% off the paperback edition of The Liar’s Diary when purchased online from us....
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I Can’t Believe I Wrote the Whole Thing  By Sam Horn, Author of Tongue Fu! and POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd  The 6 Biggest Blocks That Keep Us From Finishing Our Book --  And How to Avoid and Overcome Them Do you: have several different writing projects going, all of them half-finished? start...