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There's so much to write about in my life right now and yet I feel fuzzy and "writer-blocked", as if somebody slipped me a not- non-drowsy-sudafed in my non-fat double white chocolate mocha this morning. And I have tried everything to wake up today, including jogging 4 miles, another cup...
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Okay, I'd say I'm about 20 minutes in. I'm still establishing some characters and really about to get the action moving.   The problem I'm having is this, "How much is too much?" I mean, I don't want to completely insult the intelligence of the viewer, while at the same time not...
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Acceptance came last of all. When people are grieving, acceptance always comes last. This time was no exception. It started with denial. Why had it happen to me? I am a good person. I don’t kick cats, I don’t mock people unless they really deserve it. So, why had this happen to me? Why not someone...
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Gosh. It has been so long since I blogged. It used to be an everyday thing. This feels like smoking a cigarette a year after quitting. A little harsh, a little painful, and yet strangely exhilarating and slightly orgasmic. I found this site after visiting the website of Karrine Steffans. I have...
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So, I found out that I have an IMDB credit - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3210500/ which is kind of neat, its from a film I worked on earlier in the year. A few images of my time on set can be seen in my image galleries. It's been a rather busy few months for me, one of the many reasons I haven't...
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...for over a month now. Even before the month mark it was sporatic and flimsy. I feel like I'm dying a slow death. To exist in a world with no words is not living. What are these statements strung together with spots? I was a great writer, but no more...I fear she is gone forever.
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The title of today's blog is "Real dialogue for realistic characters" -- but a better title for me would be "Shut up and listen!" Unrealistic (or more often, uncharacteristic) dialogue is one of the top reasons why I get stuck while writing a book. It means I don't feel...
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Hi all! I am back again, oddly enough I log into my Red Room a couple times a day but I never have time to make a proper blog. I am trying ever so hard to get in the swing of things. I am actually setting up my RSS feed to try to get some cross-blog hits out there so if you see an odd code later in...
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This week I showed my students Adaptation, written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze, a free-wheeling adaptation of Susan Orlean's nonfiction book The Orchid Thief. The metafictive film is as much about writing as it is about orchids, maybe even more so, and it occurred to me as I was...
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A rare moment of genius, of sheer brilliance and now I realize: the thought was simply out there to be grabbed. Unfortunately, it was grabbed by someone else first. Although, that it was grabbed by another genius is comfort, small albeit, but comfort nonetheless. I would like to think it was the...