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Have you run into a situation where you fail to understand whether you are actually stuck or you are too lazy to move....  Sorry if I was too cryptic / confusingly confused ... To decode it: I am stuck into a situation where I have stopped writing my 2nd book since I am not able to plot beyond...
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As one who can suffer from writer's block (usually inability to concentrate) I found the following inforgraphic really helpful. Generally it's just about making some sort of shift. So take a look and maybe it help spark something. You can find it here.
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Here's a nice quote that gave me a little bump this morning: http://www.worldseers.com/blog/2014/4/13/great-quote.
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    The article linked below is one all writers should read, and it's one that certainly speaks to me. I've spent years lost in the woods (read: another career) while writing virtually nothing. But what I subsequently discovered is that those woods did indeed leave me with much soil from...
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I've followed Chuck Wendig for a while now through Twitter, and have really enjoyed his stuff. When he posted a Flash Fiction challenge that involved rolling a twenty-sider twice, it seemed like kismet. I've been struggling with some stories lately - not to mention that novella that just refuses...
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“There was a story inside me that demanded to be written.  I didn’t want to write it, but it wouldn’t let me write anything else until I did”.  That was a response from an author when asked about the subject of her new book, which was quite different from her usual genre.  I no...
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So the lovely folks at We Wanted To Be Writers asked me to write a guest post on what books are on my bedstand...Hope you enjoy it. I revised it three times.Yes, you read that right. Three times. It didn't come out the way I wanted twice. Third time a charm. Mostly it was my ego saying "You're...
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Blurred lines, disjointed ideas running through my head. Wispy clouds of thoughts weave through the cranium. to grasp one is futile, for they disappear from consciousness~ foggy brain. © annettealaine-2013
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As a long time meditator I have come to deeply appreciate the simplicity and basic rightness of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuki. It is a doorway and a guide to a practice of grounding oneself in the act of meditation as well as life. And this includes the act of writing. Fundamental to...