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In the morning I like to read the poem in the Writer's Almanac. This is a daily email sent out ostensibly by Garrison Keillor, though I believe by now he has become some sort of industry and must have a number of elves keeping things going. God help NPR and all writers when he retires. At any rate...
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Previously I have written about the notion pushed at nearly every writers' conference and by many, many writers that if you don't keep a daily journal you are making some monumental mistake that will doom your career. Well, maybe that is a little strong, but the advice is consistent that keeping a...
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Garrison Keillor selected a poem from my book, Buddha's Dogs, for his Writer's Almanac website--  http://writersalmanac.publicradio.org/index.php?date=2009/12/30 Wednesday, December 30th.  You can also hear him read it on KALW at 9 a.m. I was thrilled and wanted to pass along the news.
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I'm happy to report that Garrison Keillor is featuring my poem, The First Artichoke, today, Tuesday, October 20, at The Writer's Almanac. The poem is from my book, What Feeds Us. The timing of this feature doubles the pleasure. Right now I'm at the campus of Cayuga Community College for a three-day...