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Write That Book Already! The Tough Love You Need to Get Published Now | Write That Book Already! The Tough Love You Need to Get Published Now

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A lot of people (two, one from Miami and one from Texas) have wondered if I am serious about running for mayor of San Francisco. “You’re kidding, right?” they ask me. I want to reassure you, my fellow citizens, that I am not kidding. I am the best possible candidate for mayor of San Francisco,...
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  There’s something about the Pulpwood Queens’ Girlfriend Weekend that draws me to Jefferson, Texas every winter. It’s not the costume-party Hair Ball, though that’s a swell deal indeed. But San Francisco offers more than enough opportunities to dress up without having to figure out how to...
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  The meaning of Christmas grows hazier with each passing year. When I was young it was clear enough—we were celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ child, the Son of Man. I was taught that Jesus was God on earth and the son of God. I didn’t dispute this claim—it came from...
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  It’s Christmastime, with all that means in America. If you’re rich you feel selfish, unless you’re so clueless and self-absorbed that you have no idea how many people are suffering; if you’re a member of the so-called middle class, you are desperate; and if you’re poor, you’re miserable....