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I thought I knew myself but learned that I don't.  It's a new realization every day.  Surprising challenges to how well I know myself come up. For example, I read in a WaPo article that Skip Bayless orders chicken with broccoli at the beginning of the week and then eats it for five nights...
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Another excellent writing day, devoted to the short story.  It keeps surprising me.  After light editing of the beginning and middle, I added another fifteen hundred words today, taking the total to 7500. I thought I'd be done - or the story would be finished - but the characters realized...
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It's almost two PM and the writing day is just beginning. I'm feeling good about it. Hope I'm not jinxing myself with that statement. I'm feeling good because I'm off all the treadmills except the writing treadmill. The vacation treadmill ended yesterday. Because today is Sunday and tomorrow is...
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Yesterday was a dissatisfying writing day as I look back.  Yesterday was a useful writing day as I look back. Yesterday was an essential writing day. Yesterday was a reminder that disturbances in one bubble affect another. All the bubbles were aquiver with activity, actions and reactions. Once...
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Typed 2,000 words in the novel, 1300  in "The Business of Marriage". Now I feel spent. Want to do more, can feel it coiled in me but my neck is sore and my ass is asleep. Hate stopping now but it's not comfortable sitting here any longer. Now I need to finish my coffee  Had a dream...