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Worry is the conversation in your head that fear has with itself. Really? Maybe that’s why… I tell myself not to worry, but I worry still. I tell myself I do not worry; but then, that I should worry more. I tell myself to stop talking to myself, too; but the talk in my head goes on. Who am I...
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For much of my life, I have lived with a plan… I planned when I would wake up… I planned what I would do each and every day… I planned how I planned to implement my plan… I planned, too, how my implemented plan would unfold. This is what distinguishes humans from all other animals, isn’t it? The...
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Perhaps this is an obvious question to some, but do you believe that your attitude affects the attainment of your purpose in life? Some would argue that if it’s your purpose, it’s going to come-to-pass regardless. So, that would mean that I can sit around and wait on things to happen…basically,...