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It happens.   You are in the middle of a creative and productive frenzy and suddenly – you hit the wall! Your adrenalin has been pumping for days, even weeks.  You have been on a new creative adventure and then suddenly the bubble bursts… Clarity sets in.    Your...
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  Have you noticed how life simply propels you forward along the same path that you have chosen to walk so many times before.   Our repetitive actions and thoughts are so well engraved into our memories that, without even completing a thought, we have reached the desired destination....
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    Steven Zhou and Jacqueline Tao host this program all about being positive. Youngjoo Ahn, our Artsy Gifts reporter, gives us a segment on how to create a positively fun container for ourselves. Mason Windatt puts a positive spin on his sports segment, On the Ball.  Our guest is Mr...