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         When you read a good writer the world, for that moment, can seem no other way. Crime and Punishment is imbued with Dostoyevsky’s sense of the world. Had Tolstoy written Crime and Punishment, we would have visited a different Russia world. One might argue that...
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I just got back from Book Island in Second Life. Yep, a virtual world I visit for play and work. I wrote about virtual worlds in a previous post. Here’s a bit of what I said: “All virtual worlds have virtues that make them valuable whether we’re talking about your mind, a book you read or wrote...
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Half moon shines over the house and a stiff wind has picked up blowing in from the sea down across and over the sweep of rugged hills to the south. Violet night hangs in the air. At nine o clock the day hesitates, appears reluctant to give way to darkness. But it comes nonetheless. It always comes...
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I am very appreciative that so many people came to my author's page; I shall attempt to be more interactive and timely. All my life I longed to be a writer, but I took a very circuitous route to my goal. I did not really begin to read until I left home to join the navy and had read my fill by the...