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I have mentioned before that I am not a fan of zombie fiction, zombie movies, zombies in any form. I will occasionally check out something that includes zombies as background, but I'm more interested in the effects of zombies and not the zombies themselves. After all, what's to like? That does...
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  Chapter 7   Oval Office – 2014, Roosevelt-Hill’s second year as President   It was 6 a.m. and President Stephanie Roosevelt-Hill sat alone in the Oval office, wondering if her ethanol initiative plan would ever get off the ground. No matter how hard she tried, her ideas about...
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A 6-ton satellite is about to crash to Earth in hours or maybe days, no one can say where, and our whole planet is about to be destroyed by some unstoppable force called "the markets," but hey! — don't panic. It's only the destruction of the world we're talking about, it's not like this was a...
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One tenant of Buddhist philosophy holds that taking sides and administering blame in conflict is detrimental to the welfare of all parties involved. This principle can be applied at individual, group and societal levels, as conflict is inevitable at all phases of life and all institutions of...
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Many people claim to want peace. In fact if you ask a person, "Do you want peace in your life?" They will reply -- without hesitation -- that they do. Yet, if you follow them for a few days it will be obvious that they lied through their teeth. Whether or not they lied to themselves first...