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Writer, translator and occasional contributor to this blog Dirk van Nouhuys here offers us a provocative way to think of what novels make a difference. His list of unforgettable works won't be just like yours, and isn't exactly like mine (though he and I agree that Fielding's hilarious and ever...
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The celebration of major historic milestones is a favorite pastime in pretty much every culture. This year, 2011, in the United States many are commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War. That means four years from now numerous festivities will take place to observe the same...
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I have a different name in China than I do in the West. I am known as the author Tong Ting Ting. And I am part of World Chinese literature. One can be an American writing in English, and the Chinese will still proudly claim her as their own. My new book, I Love a Broad Margin to My Life, is...
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I have been invited by the Department of Literature and Teaching Methodology of the Borisoglebsk State Pedagogical Institute (Russia) to write a further article about Mikhail Bulgakov, my subject of specialization, and on whom I have published many articles and a major book Mikhail Bulgakov: Life...
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"The lovers crawl in and out of your alley,They bathe in drips of blood; and not finding you, they give up and leave.I am forever stationed at your door like the earth,While others come and go like the wind."--Jelaluddin Rumi     Many Americans first fell in love with the...