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I just got back (well, on Monday, but you get the idea) from the World Fantasy Convention, my second in three years and first since Montreal.  I was curious about my experience from 2008, actually, and took a look back to find out what I thought then--and found things have changed quite a bit...
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There's nothing like staying up with a feverish child (no, not serious, but she has to go in to the pediatrician on Monday...sigh) to get you thinking about a whole host of matters, the serious and non-serious variety alike. I've tended to avoid the New Year's resolution model, since I'm not really...
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Why am I able to post this before 7 p.m. EST, you ask? Why aren't I out networking, schmoozing and hanging with my fellow writers of fantasy on this Halloween night of debauchery? Funny story about that...it all started when the plane landed in Calgary, see, and there was this... Ah, never mind. I'...