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World Book Night 2013 | World Book Night 2013

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World Book Night is today, or tonight depending upon where events are being held.  In the United Kingdom, I suspect that most of the books have been given out already.  In the United States, it is just ramping up for the night's giveaway of half a million books by 25,000 volunteers in 6,...
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It is less than a week away...World Book Night, that is.  I have yet to pick up my twenty copies of Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief, but will on the 22nd of April (the night before World Book Night).  I can't wait!  It's exciting to be able to give away books to the light and/or...
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With a little more than a month to go, World Book Night will soon be here, and the books will soon be on their way to the various people lucky enough to be chosen to give them away. I should be picking them up in a few weeks. I feel fortunate that, once again, I got my top choice of books.  I...