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Among the many that I've read, Raymond Carver's "Are These Actual Miles," ranks among the top. The story is especially relevant in today's troubled times, and it's told in language that's accessible, the unimbellished truth about the imperfect lives of imperfect people. ...
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Thanks for riding along on my “On the Hood of a Cutlass Supreme” virtual book tour!  Today the second stop is at Brandon Wallace’s fabulous blog, Julius Speaks.  Enjoy! http://juliusspeaks.blogspot.com/2009/03/interview-with-shaindel-beers-author-of.html
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I wanted my virtual book tour to start on March Fourth since it's the only day on the calendar that's a command, "March Forth!" and the lovely Michelle McGrane, a South African poet, is hosting me for the first stop of my book tour.  Please check out her wonderful blog, Peony Moon, http...
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Before I get started with my first blog entry, I'd like to thank the Red Room for letting me have an author's space in their beautifully designed, intuitive web home. Now, on with the show.  A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to serve as moderator for a talk by poet and fiction writer Ali Liebegott...
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Whether or not Ralph Naders prevailing message about the working class has an iota of truth in it, his inability to address his inappropriate use of a racially charged and derogatory trope to offer that message, renders him and the message irrelevant . This isn't a KRAMER situation because it isn't...