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The season change is likely influencing me but I feel like there's a shift in the air.  My moods are stable as the ocean rolling in a perfect storm. I don't know what it means so I counsel myself to hold on during my meditation today.  Hold on because I don't know what's coming and don't...
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  When did hard work become a bad thing, an unromantic idea? Ben Affleck accepted the Oscar for Best Picture last weekend and thanked his wife.  He thanked her for their life and for working with him to keep their marriage together and to raise their children.  I'm paraphrasing of...
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I'm re-emerging after an intense week - work, write, worry, live.  Dreams have been assaulting me at night, wave after wave after wave of dreams.  I dream about past work and never done work, and strange associations.  Military ranks and settings insert their twists, and there are...
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SAN FRANCISCO--"Dear Mr. Lam. I loved your essay, 'The Palmist,' but I can't figure out what the main theme is. Is it dying and being all alone? My teacher suggests I read more of your writing... I'm glad I found you online.... Thank you very much for your help." The e-mail from, let's call him, "...
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  "Managing expectations" Last week at work I received an email with this phrase.  It was the person's way of telling me I was expecting too much and she wanted to make sure she was "managing expectations".  In normal speak this means, "you are not going to get what you want, so get...
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I received my performance review the day before yesterday. As expected, it left me confused and a bit demoralized.  My manager wrote a glowing review, you know, that sort of walks on water without splashing narrative, and I received a high rating. After I received this rating, I pondered the...
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I dislike morals and principles, especially when they're mine.  My morals and principles are the worst.   I war with myself over them.  They drive me and undermine me.   See, today there are meetings to which I'm invited.  But I'm an optional attendee, a courtesy invitee to...
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I envy those people who find a job that fulfills them on every level. I'm hopeful that writing will be that job - a passion and love that pays the bills. Meanwhile, I wonder about others.  I wonder if others are happy in their employment, and I wonder why I'm so unhappy in my employment....
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Yes, I'm back at work so I need to rant to save my sanity.  I rant to myself.  There isn't anyone else here since I work alone at home.   Ranting to myself isn't very satisfying.  I don't empathize much with myself. I'm like, "Dude, will you give it a break? Go...do something...
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The rocking path I lead  Mocks my intelligence I cannot stop and stare At the top of trees Like scientists and philosophers I trudge through staircases Up Back down Where the earth found me And where I find my packs of cigarettes