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Okay, Wrimos, did you finish? This time last year, I thought you all were crazy. Either that, or you had a lot of time on your hands, not to mention a good dose of stick-to-it-ive-ness. In fact, I blogged about it (read it here), asking for participants' feedback, and what I heard was...
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  Today, we have the pleasure of talking with N.Y. Times and USA Today best-selling author Hugh Howey. He is the author of the award-winning Molly Fyde Saga and I, Zombie, but is perhaps best known for Wool.      Wool introduces readers to the...
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  September 11   YES, THAT TOO       When kindness becomes a weakness, when mental agility becomes emotional instability, it’s time to reassess everything.  I cannot leave any thing off my inventory because my grandma, or society or the preacher says it’s a good thing...
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The cat scrapes the ledge. Claws get blunted. No mark on the concrete.  The cat meows. A baby’s cry. New mothers go looking in cribs. The cat runs after a ball of wool. It unspools. Winter will be cold. The cat watches through green eyes. Spring leaves fall. Eyes turn into autumn. The cat...
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We are all talk about the garden these past days. With a few dry days we get overly excited and fool ourselves into thinking that there will be no more rain and March winds won't come this year and April storms seem suddenly outrageously impossible.  New soil is on our lips and potatoes and how we...