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I came across a reference to Bookmovement.com, when Googling agents and publishers. Bookmovement.com is a website for bookclubs! There are opportunities, for a fee of course, for authors to advertise on the site for bookclubs. Just thought I'd mention it for anyone who wants exposure for their work...
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It's such an interesting and exciting time to be an author right now. There are so many options for authors, from self-publishing (still somewhat of a stigma, but getting a little better) to e-publishing to the traditional print publishing with or without an agent. I just saw this article from the...
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I just received an email from my e-publisher, Untreed Reads, that said they have acquired the electronic rights to the famous Regency romance author Barbara Metzger's books. I think that's fabulous and it shows how fast e-books are growing. Here's a blurb from the Untreed Reads website: "...
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I just found out that my sci-fi novella, The Clean Slate Accord, is on the July bestseller list at Untreed Reads! They're offering a discount now until August 15th.  http://www.untreedreads.com/?p=2758