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Almost did it today.  Almost invited death at my wife's hands today.  Slip of the mind, a bobble of the tongue, a mismanaged comment...and I was almost about to be introduced to whatever happens once you stop breathing and your heart ceases beating. Think I overstate it?  Maybe. My...
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I left my husband Consciously, subconsciously, emotionally, financially... physically but most of all spiritually It takes some time and a hell of lot of "you" work to remove yourself from a way of thinking about your life and your marriage. It takes a lot of hurt and a lot of pain to untwist...
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The Writing Day was delayed today. As I was working and busy, she who must not  be daunted stole - she stole - my computer bag for her computer. Thus, I couldn't load up and walk down to The Beanery.  The irritation was heightened because I've suggested she should have such a bag....
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I had to take a few moments and think about this subject. No, I don't think think there have been any specific famous woman who has influenced me. First off I came up with Male role models of the type who no longer exist, ie; John Wayne,Hoppy,Gene,Roy.Robert Michum, John Kennedy,Audie Murphy,Alvin...
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Your dad never told you that girls can outwit, outsmart and outplay you. He told that to you for a good reason. He wanted you to learn these lessons on your own just as he did, because his father never told him that girls can manipulate like nobody's business. Men more than women seem to be taken...
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i have been married for about four years now and my husband and i got married at 18 we have 3kids all under the age of four and it gets stressful sometimes for both of us... he is in the army hes been a soldier for almost 3 years now he was deployed in Iraq last year and ever since he came back he...