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News tells me she’s on her way.  Irene is her name.  They say she’s mean and won’t let up. Meanwhile Mina is passing through, same intensity as Irene, only Mina is a typhoon while Irene is a hurricane. It’s storming in both our worlds.  My mind begins to wander off.  Yes, I know...
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I think it's about time I had super powers.   You may reach a point in life where the things you've always done get a little predictable.  You can tell where the zippers are on the monsters in the movies, or the drummer you've been marching to has not turned out to be so different after all.  You...
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Out of my bedroom window into the snow, I stared, brooding over my near departure from my home of 7 years. Tears trickling from my eyes, I blew one last time upon the frozen glass to create a frosty haze upon the window. "Bye", I scribbled with my eleven year old finger, then turned and...
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I’d never thought about it before, but I’ve just realized that the English expression “looking forward” has two meanings: “gazing into the distance” and “happily anticipating.” One kanji captures both meanings. We usually interpret 望 (BŌ, MŌ, nozo(mu)) as meaning “hope.” A while back, though, we...