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Some of the maple’s leaves managed to hang on through the winter. They look so weary now. Brown and drooping; dying to drop, but holding back. I continue my walk home.
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After Image   Outside, a field bent by a recent snow. A truck idles by the shed. Red, surrounded by a black wavering cloud. I have your necklace in my boot. The music of faulty tractors, the milking shed crying and bleating. Blackened egg shells by the tip of the hose. Our dog flings...
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It's March 1, and the sentiment of the accompanying illustration seems to adequately encapsulate what I feel when a TV weatherperson says "It's the First Day of Meteorological Spring!" Or would, if I could also strangle a televised image... -- Earl Merkel
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Feb. 28 qualifies as the lower descending colon of winter days. It’s part of the journey, but the stretch is dark and ugly. Bad news weighs more. Today, I barely had my apron tied when three women of middle years, one after another, came through the floral department and halted to admire the...
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Our flirtation with spring ended. It was a brief, delightful affair.  She was warm and gentle. Grouchy winter has returned, spitting huge, wet blobs of snow down from his cold grey maw.  The cats aren't pleased, going to the door, going out, and coming back in.  Confused, they look...
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Photo: Movie's poster from Finding Nemo's Wikipedia page.   Some quick notes about life throughout the storm, a continuation of the previous blog entry here:   --One of the scarier moments of my life happened about four hours ago.  I let the dog out in the backyard (he kept me up...
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"You went to Iceland in February?  Why on earth would you go there at that time of year?" My brother would have answered, "I've always wanted to try fresh puffin and whale."   My dad would have replied, "It's the cheapest time to go."  I was 45 years old and I'd never seen...
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Photo: A Florida Box Turtle, from the Wikipedia page for "turtle."  (You'll have to read below to get the connection between the title and the pic.)   Just a quick note:   My poem, "An Old Man," (which is not about an old man, per se; it's an extended metaphor, representative of...
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Author's note: Growing old in America can mean growing more isolated, and that's particularly tough on immigrants whose home cultures stress strong family and clan ties. My mother, Ngoc B. Lam, came to America in 1975 as a refugee from Vietnam and worked as an accountant for more than 20 years....
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Lavender-gray clouds fill the sky. They look painted on a canvas, with shadows and lines. Overlays of apricot, pale turquoise, and pink bring the bare black branches of the trees into stark relief. There is tremendous beauty to be found in the sky. The sun is a pale lozenge of yellow, and light...