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OK - this is a scene I would like to write. Keeping it in is proper historical context, of course.   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Heady Brew: Ice Age Mug Made From Skull By Bruce Bower Ice Age folk who lived in what’s now southwestern England gruesomely went from heads-off to bottoms-up....
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I had actually wanted to use wine as the commodity in my historical 'onion' novel. I like wine, I like the ceremony of wine, I like the variety of wine, I like the creation of wine, I like the history of wine. But wine was neither old enough in history for my purposes, nor was it universal. Ales...
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December 18         Calm, Peaceful, On       Once I center my mind I can type in the dark.  All it takes is me present and willing to flow.  Limber up the learning curve, press my fingers to the keys, let the story tell its tale.  Cease the interjections lest it...
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  The Origins of Wine and Beer: DMA Pours Out the Factsby Andrew Chalk According to Dr. Patrick McGovern, wine may date back as far as 8500 BC. McGovern knows his stuff. He is the director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory for Cuisine, Fermented Beverages, and Health at the...
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I'm thankful for a life in words, for every poem that has sustained me, for every teacher who loved language and savored the sound of words.  I'm thankful for my disfunctional family of origin that has given me so many poems!  For my sister, who is also a poet, praise be!  For my sister, Elaine...
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Last night I popped the cork on a bottle of wine my mother brought over a few nights before, admiring the name of the Vintner:  Tangley Wood.  How lovely, I thought, as I sipped the red wine, to name a winery after a line in a Lewis Carroll poem.  I loved the idea that some clever soul found the...
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Quinoa Made Tasty I like food. I like to eat good food. Yeah--bad food sucks, but I definitely am up for good food. I love to make it and I love to eat it--and the best is when my family tells me that they love it. My youngest actually said last night, "You are the best cook ever, Mom."...
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Michele Scott - Happy Hour Happy Hourby Michele ScottReviewed by moodylady on August 25th, 2010, 8:49am 4Format: Print BooksSeries: Other Author: Michele ScottTitle: Happy HourPublisher: CreatespacePublish Date: Oct 2009Rating: 4 StarsBook Blurb: Four friends working in Napa Valley, Sundays are for...
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Why France?  All those frenzied people in the streets, protesting the loss of two years' retirement benefits, all those threats from Bin Laden--what else?  O yes, that volcano last summer (Really?  A volcano?  Yup, in Iceland, remember--it trashed air itineraries for a month)  Why the hell would...
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I am so pleased... I have finished my second novel.  I have edited it already and debating whether or not to self publish again.  The art work was commissioned and is complete and I am the happiest author in North London.