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Willie Nelson | Willie Nelson

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He was the first man I knew of who wore a ponytail. Mostly it was braided same as a girl’s and hung like orange rope from beneath a red bandana. He held his beat-up guitar high up on his chest and didn’t close his eyes when he sang. Ain’t it funny, he warbled, how time slips away? Everybody made...
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Randy Poe is a Grammy-nominated record producer who has also produced, compiled, and/or written the liner notes for more than 100 albums. He’s won many awards and authored Squeeze My Lemon: A Collection of Classic Blues Lyrics and Skydog: The Duane Allman Story. Since 1985, he’s...
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I've been on the road for speaking engagements, the proximate cause of my recent blog pause. I tend to write here when something worth sharing crystallizes in my mind. But travels notwithstanding, the truth is that just lately, it's been hard to find the crystals in the fog of reactivity. My...
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Before I begin, let me say I’ve missed you guys! Wait, I’ve missed y’all. That sounds right. Now that summer is here, I hope you’re able to kick back,splash in a river, listen to some music, or just read a good book. Speaking of books, I did manage to finish that second novel, The...
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In spite of a week of loss when the last of my four sisters passed away, there have also been abundant rays of sunlight. As I gird myself for heart surgery on May 18th, I’ve been thrilled to hear from friends, and especially from a long-ago lover, although he didn’t know about my heart problem,...
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Our 8-year-old daughter wants me to become POTUS because she thinks it would be fun to live in the White House. I agree. News stories about the Obamas new digs show what a wonderful place it must be to call home, especially if you have children like Malia, 10 , and Sasha, 7, who travel under the...