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Wildfire | Wildfire

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  September 30   WEE HOURS       In the wee hours I hear the high pitched wail, the tiny pest whining in my ear, the onset of my thin stretched nerves reaching their end.  A few more hours are required of me tonight.  I rally my spirit and lift the edges of my...
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It's 3 a.m. and I still can't sleep. The smell of burning wafts through the window at the foot of my bed and brings a whiff of ash and death with it. It's no wonder I cannot sleep. The fire marches ever closer, a dim glow on the western horizon that flares against the clouds of smoke obscuring my...
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Here in the Rocky Mountains, we've had record winds. Over at the tiny hamlet of Ward, not but a dozen miles as the raven flies, they clocked the blasts last week at 108mph. That's hurricane force, by anyone's standards. The weather-person says it's the La Niña jet stream that's causing this...
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Last week, the time came to make some hard choices. I had felt the moment hovering around my peripheral mindspace for months, the tension building, the confusion and chaos and indecision swirling like mist on the slopes of the mountains right before it snows, warning me that change was coming. It...
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When we saw on the news this morning that a wildfire was creeping from Corona to Yorba Linda, where my wife's brother lives, she called him to find out if his house was in any danger. He picked up the hone and barked, "Can't talk. I'm evacuating." Click. We got more details when he called...