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I am happiest when I get home at the end of the day and spend it with my nearly two year old son Billy.   It's not easy holding down two jobs that take about 10-12 hours of your life from you per day.  Its even more difficult to squeeze in a little bit of time to write following it all, but I...
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That’s right!  As I sat having my morning coffee, I looked at my wife and my two son’s laughing, horsing around, coming up with new blue prints for our very disrepair home.  My thoughts drifted to the 30 some odd years that I have made new years resolutions, with dismay the ones that were made...
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If this is the first time you’ve read my blogs, it may shock you to know that for over a year now I’ve been doing almost everything I can do to sell my wife. Today, I’m hoping that my blog will encourage you to sell your loved one too, as long as he or she is an author. Now, before you run to a...
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  My favorite city in the world is FlorenceAnd not just any Florence but the tiny oneOn a shelf in a photograph from which I laughAt myself seated in a chair at a deskIn an office that lacks FlorenceFor an address, so that people when they comeIn to say hi or with a work-related...
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  A doctor, a medical doctor, and there I stood, powerless to help my daughter, two, turning three, flailing her arms, and then grabbing me, my daughter, perhaps, however inconceivably, about to die.   A moment before, we were sitting, my wife and I, enjoying our evening meal, our two young...
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I last wrote about my wife, Jennifer, and I celebrating our sixth anniversary in Asheville, NC.  That was close to a month ago.  I ended the blog post about my wife getting a giant migraine, thus ending the fun times on a difficult note.  Well, read on. My wife got worse, if that's possible.  Her...
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As I sit here looking out at the picturesque scene from our kitchen.  Where the heavens awe seemlily touches the tree tops.  The blue sky with the warm sun playing peekaboo behind the puffy white marshmallow clouds.  As the clouds slowing move toward the north with the gentle wind that blows. Our...
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Just finished another chapter of Hummingbird.  Gotta go with the flow, man.  Even though the house looks like a Goodwill Dropoff Center. Where's my wife? Gotta getta wife!
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Always and Forever Katie The Rose of Tralee by Annette J Dunleahttp://www.shelfari.com/books/12493453/Always-and-Forever-Katie-The-Rose-of-Tralee DescriptionKatie is a farmers daughter in Tralee. She is best friends with Ronan. As they grow up they fall in fall. On the night Katie enters the Rose...
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I'm looking at my wife's naked back in amazement. She's asleep. The baby breathes next to her. Early morning darkness smokes our bedroom window. The sheets moonwrinkled. Air cold through the screen. I've read somewhere that the motion of molecules is tempered by cold and quickened by heat. We...