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I do what I can to get work done.  That doesn’t mean any one thing, though.  It just means I try everything. On a daily basis.  (From “An Interview with David Anthony Durham” in The Writer’s Chronicle, Volume 46, Number 4, February 2014) Gent confessed in a new preface he wrote for “...
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Here I go again, writing to express what I felt, maybe writing to understand and explore what I feel and think.  It's just my way. I spent a few painful hours reading a book today.  It was cathartic pain...about writers and writing, courtesy of "Why We Write", edited by Meredith Maran....
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You know the friend you can sit across a table from in a cafe for lunch, and the next thing you know it's dinner time and you've been laughing so hard that you haven't even touched your chocolate croissant? That's what being with Meredith Maran is like. I love Meredith. You've never met anyone...
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I was going to launch into a blog- whine about The Incredible Shrinking Word, which was going to be my clever way of bemoaning the death of print journalism, and the fact that one of my editors just sliced my paychecks for freelance articles by a third. Instead I will link to this advice to a...
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I always find it hard to focus on writing when the weather is (finally) gorgeous. Of course, this week in Seattle, it’s a little toasty (okay, it’s freaking HOT: 94 currently — forecast of 97 tomorrow). But whether you’re enjoying the weather or trying to escape it, summer can generally be tough...
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When asked one time about the meaning of life, author and college professor Joseph Campbell told his audience that life had no meaning; rather, we give meaning to our life by the way in which we choose to live it.  And, in the movie "Evan Almightly," Morgan Freeman told us that we change...