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By Gordon Sims, White House Gardener from FLOWERBED OF STATE book #1 in the White House Gardener Mystery Series by Dorothy St. James (Berkley Prime Crime) Halloween is just around the corner. My assistant Casey Calhoun thought it might be fun if I stopped by and told a ghost story. A true ghost...
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In the Realm of Eden by Robert Emery  Reviewed by Don Bacue International Features Syndicate    "John Sutton's feet hit the pavement with military precision.  In his mind he envisioned a metronome that allowed him to keep perfect pace as he jogged his daily three miles.  TICK-TICK-TICK-TICK--...
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I am still fascinated with New York.Definitely the most exciting city in the world.The sights, the subway,Times Square, the cuisine.Some other places I would like to visit are -The White House, Buckingham Palace,Paris,Rome,Kenya,Nigeria,The Great Pyramid at  Giza ,Israel and Tibet.
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The stock markets are crumbling and my son comes home from school opens the fridge to take out a red pepper and proceeds to devour it with feta cheese. I let loose; ''God, don't you know how expensive that red pepper is. That red pepper would go miles in a stew, don't eat the red peppers with feta...
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So, what is more challenging, directing a feature film, a television program or writing a novel? I’ve done all three and I have asked myself that question on many occasions since I began writing novels. With films or television you have a vast group of talented people standing mere inches behind...
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In my last blog I made reference to how difficult it is to work on a sequel without wanting to add much of the previous book. I wrote and re-wrote the first 100 pages three times before I found the formula that would allow me to tell a continuing story which began in the first book without too much...
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 I am presently working on EDEN DESTROYED, the sequel to my novel IN THE REALM OF EDEN. Writing a sequel is not near as simple as one would believe. The writer may know his characters pretty well, but working in backstory from the previous novel is a challenge. The tendency is to tell everything...
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Selective Subpoenas Lawmakers have now decided to subpoena the Salahis, the Virginia couple who arrived uninvited to the White House's first state dinner last month. The couple will appear before the Committee for Homeland Security to answer questions as to what they were doing at the dinner, and...
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The recent “crashing” of a Presidential State Dinner by a couple of wannabe celebrity publicity hounds sends chills up my spine, especially motivated by the picture of them being greeted by President Obama. It inspires the unthinkable. It recalls the unavoidable “A” word, assassination, and to my...
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Some have asked, "How did YOU get invited to the White House State dinner?" The incredulity of the question implies we were like the reality couple that crashed the dinner. They were the first couple we saw when we arrived by taxi. I'm not one of those new security behavioral observers,...