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Happy birthday to me. Today marks 53 years of my existence on this Earth. Let's hope there's another 30 or 40 years to worry about. There was a time when I told myself I didn't want to grow old. What exactly “old” meant, I'm not sure. I’ve observed my father at an assisted living facility and now a...
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Valentine's Day greetings from Room J81-6 of the Miller Pavilion at the Cleveland Clinic. I'll be playing here all week. Please remember to tip your nurses and phlebotomists. Let me explain. Yesterday morning, I could barely walk the quarter-mile from the parking garage to the radiation oncology...
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We're supposed to help "the handicapped," but sometimes we don't know how. My mother taught me something about that as she navigated the world in her wheelchair. She'd landed in that metal chair  following a stroke she'd had in her early seventies. On our annual trip to the Gulf of Mexico, a...
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.....................do you ever wish you could go back? Begin all over again, wake up in the morning a brand new woman and sit up, stretch your arms wide and up and over your head and yawn, a big stupid kind of yawn. Shut your eyes, open your eyes and still feel the same way you felt before you...