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Greetings!  I realize I've not posted in some time and, fearing that it might be awhile again yet before I can sit down to compose anything substantive, I thought I'd just drop a few lines to wish everyone who is starting back to school these days a fabulous fall semester!  I am back in the...
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Hello, unsuspecting blog reader! If, by some chance, you are not just a poetry lover, but a lover of quirky, eccentric, challenging, playful, and/or difficult poetry, with an openness to (or special fondness for) women's poetry, in particular (or if you are women's-experimental/post-avant-poetry-...
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I'm a couple days late getting the word out, but I wanted to let all interested parties know that "Wom-Po" (the affectionate nickname of the Women's Poetry Listserv) has launched a month-long Festival of Women's Poetry -- online! If you'd like to get a sense of what's going on in...
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It has been an incredibly long time since I posted here (or so it feels to me), but other writing and reading has had to take priority for the past few weeks.  I've missed checking in on the blogs here and have often wished I could share a thought or question with those who happen by my pages, but...
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Now that I've got my new apartment set up -- though still working out the kinks of address changes, etc. -- I can get back to work on my writing projects. And Red Room has provided me with a bit of incentive, by featuring a review of my book, a half-red sea, on the site's homepage! I'm glad that...
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I'm currently in the midst of moving into a new apartment, so perhaps it's fitting that I'm simulaneously "moving into" my new space in the Red Room. For a writer with a fairly visible footprint on the web, I've taken quite a long time to create a few pages to serve as a centralized...