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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show  Amar joins Phil for their weekly NBA Western and Eastern Conference roundups and David Deckard joins Phil for their weekly Portland Trailblazers report and much more NBA talk. As an added bonus for listeners of this program...
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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show  Kevin Lipe and Phil are both frustrated with Memphis Grizzly Head Coach Dave Joerger’s puzzling rotations and the guys look to the Grizzlies week ahead. David Deckard joins Phil to give his take on the Knicks, Phil Jackson and...
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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show  Amar joins Phil to take a closer look at the NBA Eastern and Western Conferences and Dave Deckard joins Phil to talk about the Portland Trailblazers week ahead as well as how awful the New York Knicks are plus more great NBA...
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"Out with stereotypes, feminism proclaims. But stereotypes are the west's stunning sexual personae, the vehicles of art's assault against nature. The moment there is imagination, there is myth." — Camille Paglia "Do not put garbage in our mind." This graffiti on the wall outside Tunis City Hall...
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It takes me over a year to write one of my books. I am spending this month promoting it. I would rather be writing and look forward to next month when I will return to dong what I like to do best. Here is the opening few paragraphs from Scalp. Chapter 1 - Greasy Grass River An arrow flew through...
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I loved making this short book trailer. All the pictures are scenes from Scalp and allows you to get a feel of what the book is about and where it takes place. I've had several readers tell me it was like being right there in the book and they watch the video over and over again. It can be seen...
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My first book Dreamwalker: Native Guide was about dreams that come true. I do this so I wrote about it. My editor said I had good insights into the Native American culture and wanted me to write a western. There are so many good westerns on the market I didn't think that was a good idea until I...
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WooHoo! My newest book is now available at B&N or Amazon and can be ordered from any book store. Scalp is a different kind of western written from a native's point of view.  To learn more about the book or how to get a copy go to my seb site www.davidcdillon.us. You can find me on FB.
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Had Edward Snowden exposed the dirt of the Taliban, he would have been standing behind the lectern in New York at the UN hall on Friday, July 12. The contrast, and irony, is stark. A young man is hounded by the government of his country for exposing its sly mechanism, of its covert war...
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Photo: Book's cover, from Amazon   I've gone into how I don't like it when publishers sell a book with the (more popular) deceased author's name in huge letters on the top of the title, then the actual author's name in smaller letters below it.  Just a pet peeve, but the practice...