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  I often say that one of the great things about doing over 550 shows is that you are always learning new things, and during my show with Michael Hebler I learnt yet another new thing. Michael Hebler has followed a career more in film and publicity using this knowledge to create several...
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  Hey!  If you're a fan of Stan's and have read his books, please consider writing a review at Amazon.  Positive reviews help his rankings there and at other sites.   Also, don't forget Stan will be signing books through December at various book stores around Montana… next stop...
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  The meaning behind '3-7-77,'  a Montana Fact from Stan Lynde's Cowboy Lore & Legend, this week at the blog:   http://stanlyndeauthor.com/?page_id=3809   bb  
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  'How It Got Its Name Department'  Today's Montana Fact from Stan Lynde's Cowboy Lore & Legend at the blog.  Stop by and check it out! http://stanlyndeauthor.com/?page_id=3802   bb    
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  Stan Lynde's Cowboy Lore & Legend: Montana Facts #16, out today at Stan's blog. Read about  one of Montana's richest placer discoveries.   http://stanlyndeauthor.com/?page_id=3396   bb
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It's Sunday and the new 'Cowboy Lore & Legend' with it's continuing series  'Montana Facts' is out at Stan Lynde's blog.  Don't miss this week's, 'A Wild Fourth of July in Lewistown!' http://stanlyndeauthor.com/?page_id=3393 bb    
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  If you haven't had a chance to read it, you can find the cartoon strips, along with Grass Roots and Latigo, at Stan's blog (under the 'Cartoons' link and the 'Archives' link).   http://stanlyndeauthor.com/?page_id=3739   bb    
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If Mo Yan had chosen to live in a swanky hideout in the nowhere space offered as asylum, there would be much jubilation over his being awarded this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature. Instead, he lives in China, was educated in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) school. He is the bad guy, not...
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  To Stan's fans.  Don't miss your chance to own some of Stan's personal artwork, memorabilia and other items!  In preparation for their big adventure, Stan & Lynda are hosting a 'living estate' sale, November  17-18. Click this link to view items and to learn more… ...
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This week's Cowboy Lore & Legend: Montana Facts ~ Coming Day's 'Thunderbird' Ride.  See it  at Stan's blog.   http://stanlyndeauthor.com/?page_id=3387   Also, visit Stan's facebook page to see his AWESOME self portrait (cover photo)! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stan-Lynde-...