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I was thrilled to have on “A Book and a Chat” today another of the debut authors from the class if 2k10, that wonderful group of YA and Middle Grade authors who have their debut books coming out in 2010. Rhonda Hayter is today’s guest chatting about her debut middle grade book “The Witchy Worries...
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I want to apologize first for the long lag time in between posts. I've been doing lots of editing and also lots of writing. But here's the latest skinny. The next novel that I will be releasing is my YA paranormal romance called Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy. This is the first book in a quintet that...
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When I had to copy my Legend of the White Wolf book video trailer to the Casablanca blog to share, I found this video trailer linked to mine. I thought it was really neat because it is from the movie "White Fang" based on Jack London's book, which inspired me to write my werewolves...
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This is what happens when a blog entry is translated into French and then back into English. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. ROFL If you want to read the original English version go here: http://schliessmann.blogspot.com/Or look for it here: http://www.redroom.com/member/schliessmann...
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Your vampire lover has been busy, gorging himself on local, well, prime rib. Now, it's up to you to clean up; after all, no vampire worth his canines would be caught alive with leftovers on his hands, or worse under his neatly manicured mother-of-pearl fingernails. Let's face it, not every hunt...
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  The form for this poem is a Villanelle     O n this dark All Hallows Night,Witches on their broomsticks leap As phantoms gather out of sight; Ghosts that haunt in shrouds of white,From ‘neath the blankets children peepOn this dark All Hallows Night; Werewolves howl and...
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A visitor from another universe and slave to a terrible master, the psychic Kenna has come from a parallel dimension to prepare for an invasion.  When she meets werewolf Talon Marshall, she believes that she has discovered her confidant, but she cannot bear to reveal to him the secret of her...
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   Reviewer Top Pick from Night Owl Romance!~~5 Hearts! "Ms Spear has written another great werewolf story. This is number three in her werewolf series. If action, romance and suspense are what you are looking for in a story then look no further, you will find it all in Ms Spears werewolf...
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How is it even possible? Haven't you ever wondered? I'm making my money - at least part of it - by translation, or, more precisely, adaptation of commercial ads,  and I'm still wondering. Even the simplest, most common words have different etymologies in different languages. For example, English...
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This will be the actual story once it is written. Please check in for updates I will try and get some up soon.