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Why would the Prince of Britain be called the Prince of Wales? Well... back in 1301, King Edward had a son whom he named Edward and he was given this title. His father, King Edward had done a lot of conquering so he may have been trying to appeal to the sentimentality of the Welsh.   Suellen...
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My favorite female protagonist is back in action. Flame-haired investigative reporter Kate Conway returns in THE DEADLY BUDDHA. And my readers have fallen for her, head over Kindles.   “Talk about new age heroines,” wrote one reviewer. “Kate is a natural blend of intellect, power,...
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An Excerpt from The Bendithion Chronicles, by Harrison Solow:   "In the Wales in which I lived, much more than language was used to ‘speak’ Welsh, to convey thought, meaning, nuance, ipseity and warning, those unarticulated elements alive in the shadow of words, where the most profound...
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AUTHOR’S PREFACE The place I am writing about doesn’t exist.  That is, it doesn’t exist for you.[1] You’ll never see this place or these people. You’ll never hear them say the things that I have heard them say, sing the songs they sang to me, carry the scent of lanolin on your skin – or hear...
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  A very small part of "a day in the life of" in an excerpt from a letter home after Saint David's Day, 2007, in Wales: "It was St. David's Day yesterday - the National Holiday of Wales. There are many many activities one associated with this day, but among them are giving and receiving...