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Of an early Saturday morning I was roused from my bed by the klaxon sound of the fire alarm. Intense and insistent. It meant business. We are told not to take fire alarms for granted. I acted accordingly. Out of bed. Into clothes. Grab my memory stick. Out into the hallway. There was no smell of...
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"O,  Sweet Surrender, How delicious  you truly is." When you learn to surrender, all that is within your spirit is free to experience peace. Having inner peace you are able to create and manifest all that you are working on in your life. You have more focus, strength and energy to fulfill...
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I will come Through this! I will get through this moment in my life. Whatever I am now experiencing I know I have the power to come through this. If I feel held back in any way, I know that all is in divine time. If I feel as if I don’t have enough, I will focus on plenty and be grateful for what I...