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What is Quality of Life?  The general “well-being” of all of us, wherever we are.  Emotional well-being, as well as physical – not only how much money you’ve got.  How would you judge your quality of life? Do you have the basic human needs such as food, water, shelter, freedom,...
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PLUS Model Magazine, according to an article by Tamara Abraham for the United Kingdom-based online blog Daily Mail, has sparked controversy. See if you can guess what the controversy is from the accompanying photograph. Then check out my Living in the Heartland blog to find out more. 
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I overheard a woman say, “Girls can be SO catty.” The woman she was talking to responded, “They ARE, aren’t they!” It was a lesson my mother taught me. Her point was: “Don’t trust girls, they’re out to hurt you.” This year I discovered how important other women are to each other. Read more on my...
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We all know habits are hard to change, but each year it's a tradition on Jan. 1 to try to do something differently. Our intentions are heartfelt. We've thought through what we want. We're motivated by our suffering or our desire to be better in some way. At the fitness studio my husband and I...
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Recently, my friend was excited because she was driving by herself to the airport to pick up a friend. I remember this feeling when my children were toddlers and I had a dentist appointment. I looked forward to the drive there, sitting in the dentist chair, listening to mindless music and then...
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In honor of this week's publication of Stretch, I thought I'd reprint this little essay I wrote for The Faster Times back in June. Hope you all enjoy. NP Soon after yoga school began, three weeks that feels like three months ago, a small group of people asked the management if the doors could...
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Devil You know that little red guy, the one with kryptonite horns, tail, pitch fork and snaky laugh? Well, I’ve concluded he’s real. Don’t laugh—Freud had his Id, Ego and Superego—his own demonology. Those don’t exist in hand; they’re just representations of our personal governing. But are they...
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Precious Love When she appeared in Medugorje in the 1990s, in one of the letters that Mary, the Blessed Mother, dictated, she said she cried for our children because those in middle- and upper-incomes families were more in need of love and care than those in poorer families, even if the poor...
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I AM grateful and full of Love now. We Are One Love! We Are connected! As we awaken and remember Who We Really Are, we realize the Truth and are lifted to a Higher Way of thinking, BEing, experiencing and serving. We Are still as created to BE, Perfect, Whole and Free! Through grace, gratitude,...
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Today I am writing this blog from Vancouver, where I am vacationing for four days. Just before noon, I was trying to decide whether to go for a bike ride or a run for my daily one-hour plus exercise routine. I decided on a run since I have been biking every day lately and hadn't run for about two...