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I not only hope that this article is correct, it discusses something I have thought inevitable. Human beings are, among many other things, thinking people. We do think, and we want to think. We wish to ponder things for ourselves and arrive at our own conclusions. We want that...
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As everyone who has been outside their home in the last year knows, Americans are too fat. Some of us are fluffy, some are well-padded, and all too many of us are sofa-sized. I plead to fluffy, trending to (and from) well-padded. Aside from the obvious imbalance between intake and exercise,...
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K.M.Walton, or rather “Kate”, describes herself on twitter as…”Author, reader, lover of Napoleon Dynamite, broccoli and kindness… KINDNESS ALWAYS WINS!” From today’s interview in which we discussed her books weaved around bullying, the kindness art is plain to see, in fact she gives school...
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We have another one hour special on today’s “A Book and a Chat” as K.A.Barson or Kelly, a member of the Class of 2K13 is my guest. When you read about her addiction to peppermint chapstick and the fact she changes the color of her hair every 5/6 weeks you know that Kelly would be a great guest for...
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Yesterday, I was standing in a long line of people when directly behind me I hear, “Oh my gawd!! You are HUGE!” I turned around, tilted my head downward to where the vertically challenged, twenty-something male was standing and said, “Why yes, Gollum, I can see why you’d think so.” Apparently,...
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  SAN FRANCISCO--When I was young, I used to eat food taken from a supermarket's garbage bin. We first came to America from Vietnam in the mid 70s as refugees, and my eldest brother got a job working in a supermarket across from our crowded, ramshackle apartment. Among his many chores he...
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Recently my husband and I came back from our annual summer sojourn, this time to the beautiful beaches of Cancun. Everyone looked and asked with a smirk on their somewhat horrified faces if we weren’t worried about the violence in Mexico. Why, just a few days before our layover in Mexico City there...
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There are times when 'so close' matters and other times when it doesn't. Sort of like saying, the stock market will go up, and if not, it might go down. Or, today will be sunny, unless there are clouds, in which case it might not be sunny. For me, 'so close' is about my pants and my waist. I'm...
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Today is Day 4 of my everyday blogging for 366 days and I'm hitting a wall of still fingers. Hmmm, well let's see, yesterday I finally got the Christmas all boxed and in the garage ready for the attic for yet another year. It felt good to get it done but I do look forward to next year already....
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This article is going through the roof with comments and emails. I had no idea all the stories I would hear from my readers. Thank you all!  KH