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Do you ever have the experience when you are traveling of turning a corner in a city you’ve never been in before and having the feeling you’ve been there before? There’s something almost comforting in the layout of the buildings or the smell of a nearby bakeshop that seems somehow almost like home...
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I'm just getting my feet wet here. If you'd like to see more about what I do—and get regular updates too—stop by Forbeck.com. 
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Ah, you can always tell when Christmas (arrggh! The "C" word, so soon - many apologies indeed ...) is nearly upon us when we hear tell of the first of the Christmas hunk calendars - so here's to thelovely Toronto firefolk who are A1 cute and also supporting a good cause, so get buying,...
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Unlike the baseball diamond in the midst of the isolated corn field in FIELD OF DREAMS, just building a website doesn’t guarantee that anyone will come visit. In order for people to know that you are out there on the Internet, there are a number of steps you can take to increase awareness of your...
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My online home is here: www.byseanferrell.com
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Ingenious way to outline a few simple steps new authors can take to promote and advertise their novel. Without giving too much away, this video discusses the importance of book reviews, a book tour, media interviews, a professionally designed website and blog, social bookmarking, MySpace, Facebook...
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I'm pleased to report that the www.owfi.org website once again functions as designed. Whew! What a helpless feeling. I want to be able to push an on-off switch, click on websites and easily read whatever and not worry about how it got loaded, servers, domain names, routing, IPs and whatnot. Thank...
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I'm the president of the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc, and we'll celebrate our 40th Anniversary conference May 1-3. We are in the midst of receiving registrations and answering questions--and to our dismay, discovered that the www.owfi.org website has been removed from the ether, and replaced...