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In today's media saturated world, I knew a book trailer was a must for my new website. A daunting task, I thought. It turned out to be more fun than the time I taped a remote control fart machine to the bottom of a co-worker's chair at the Monday morning board meeting. BTW, Dario, if you're reading...
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Salt, Gold and Sexy ScavengersI'm pleased to say that the revised version of Salt and Gold is now available from the Lulu store at a very reasonable price, if anyone is so tempted. I'm hoping it will also be available on Amazon at some point, but I'll let you know when that transpires. And if they...
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So I created a website for my first novel, which went well. I received some interest and had quite a few sign up for my newsletter. Now, it would appear that my second book is the one that will have the most public appeal and so I'm thinking of creating a site for it specifically. As fellow...
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My HORROR WITH HEART website has been completely redesigned, and I love it. The picture above is a teaser. If you want to see the new site, CLICK HERE.
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I've decided to giving blogging some serious attention.   But I will be using my website's blog feature.  www.dreamersforest.com As soon as I figure out how to sync these things, I'll begin...
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Microsoft Office Live Microsoft is now offering a free new website and store docs and photos etc online . Check it out.Access your files anywhere from a pc with Internet connection. http://www.officelive.com Store and Share Documents Online| Create a Free Website ...Get your business online fast....
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This morning seems full of that all-pervading Monday angst, groan. But here’s my 200th meditation poem anyway: Meditation 200 The heady scentof spices –myrrh and aloes – almost cuts you downwhen you walkfor the first time from the almost-darkto the light.The garden buries your discomfort,wrapping...
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www.thecalligraphersdaughter.com • The web site for THE CALLIGRAPHER'S DAUGHTER is up, working, fabulous and full of content. Thank you to the brilliant, hard-working and fun Jason Liebman at Holt for technology know-how and execution. He not only assisted me with the site design, he made it happen...
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Recently, I followed through with a friend's request. She wanted me to check her website and blog. Frustrated, she'd asked me if there was anything she could do. Apparently, she'd posted great content but was puzzled when there'd been no traffic. Her fabulous articles sat empty of recorded visitors...
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Now there's a stirring post title. I'm thinking that this could be a kind of writing diary for me, so I'm starting from the swirl in my head, and no one topic stands out. I opened my FRED manuscript last night and decided to query agents with it again. It's a no-category book, so I don't try to...