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(embossed 100th Anniversry of Harlem Renaissanceart courtesy of Bright Skylark Literary Productions) Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, first published by Facts On File in 2003 and through Infobase Publishing in 2010, is now available as a Kindle Edition on Amazon and that is big news...
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The publication of "Black History Month: What Would DuBois Do?" on AOL's Black Voices February 23 serves as a significant indicator of how relevant and powerful the teachings of the great Du Bois remain. Though not as celebrated in the United States as such figures as Martin Luther King...
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Turn to a page in the year 1900 and we see the great educator and human rights advocate W.E.B. DuBois sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. It is unlikely that his "separate but equal" accommodations are anything close to comfortable, but they will serve their purpose. He is on his way to...