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Today, I pulled a water-stained book off the shelf that still smelled musty from the Denver flood that ravaged our home 47 years ago.  I thought of those whose homes were in the path of Hurricane Sandy, and of the irreplace- able things we lose.  Then I turned to a small chapbook sitting...
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It was enough that before technology a European woman was required to spin and weave the family sheets, tablecloths, napkins and undergarments but nothing can beat the Iranian woman who spun goat hair and made thick fibers that were then woven into tents they called home. The nomadic lifestyle was...
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We often hear the term, "Spinster" used to refer to a woman who is advanced in years and has not yet married. These days our attitudes toward this have changed enormously but in years past, the reason for this term was that before the Industrial Revolution, in many parts of Europe it was customary...