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weakness | weakness

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                                        "Once we know our own weaknesses they cease to do us harm."                         ...
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It's a chippy day that feel on the verge of ice.  The night's storms have slipped away, leaving their notes on what they've done strewn around as evidence, unafraid of who they are and what they achieved. I admire the storms' confidence.  They don't shy from they nature. Crisp bacon and...
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In our Women’s Circle of four, I have become the Keeper –mostly meaning that I am the one who keeps track of everyone’s birthday. But I also keep track of when we first started meeting and the number of years we’ve done so (eight years this past month). We met a few days ago to celebrate a...
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I believe that how people perceive different situations is how their reality is shaped. People view strength in different ways. My perception of strength is the person that fights inner demons on a daily basis but still allows themselves to be compassionate and open. If a person has been hurt,...