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  Woke up in a proper bed for another morning, the second consecutive time in about seven years.  My back aches like hell!   Friend Screenwriter Wayne the K had emailed me that he would visit with a flask of rye, on a rescue mission, early this afternoon.  He later indicated...
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Rain at last in San Francisco. Another confusing day. My friend, Wayne, kindly invited me to go see a movie tomorrow morning, but I'm not up for it. The Republican Debate tonight in South Carolina pointed up what weak candidates the four remaining contenders will be.  Perry has dropped out,...
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Adele Griffin is the author of the Young Adult novel Picture the Dead (co written by Lisa Brown), a ghostly mystery set outside Boston during the Civil War, illustrated with detailed scrapbook-type pages; I’ve included a video with a behind-the-scenes interview at the bottom of this guest post. ...
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 Almost every time we pass Wayne in the St Lawrence market and spy his suckling pigs hanging, my husband says, "We should buy one and cook it ".  I nod and keep walking,  so up until last weekend, despite having cooked almost every cut of pork I've never roasted a whole pig. My oven is...