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As the Wedding Writer, I was honored to be invited by Senior Editor, Gina Misiroglu to write about the Royal Wedding. More specifically, how Americans and Britons would be celebrating with their own Royal Wedding Viewing Parties. The article made the front page of AOL/MyDaily!   Royal Wedding...
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We went for dinner, well a light meal really.  I sat and watched as you ate; I wasn't really hungry, but you were.  We spoke as you ate and set the world to rights.  We had cake, paid and then left.  We walked and talked until we reached that central point.  I said no!  We stood among the tourists...
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Stopping by my office at 1:58 in the afternoon, en route to my only summer class, the English Department Secretary pops in and says, "Look at this!" In the photo she is holding out to me is a healthy-looking older man sitting in a chair, the sole of one foot propped up, showing off a...
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Collecting vintage watches is misconceived as expensive and exclusive. You need not be an expert, a watchmaker or horologist to go on the adventure of recovering old watches from nowhere and restoring them, as much as possible, to their original glory. A watch is a very personal piece of accessory...