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One of the bennies from growing older is that I've learned more about myself.  I've discovered that I have compulsive streaks.  I like routines and when I find things that interest me, they can swallow me and suck time out of my life.  Work is always a time suck for me.   I...
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There is a bridge on which I stand, useful only in that it provides me with an ability to soothe others' concern. Me, I'd rather be in the roiling water beneath it than stay standing on this bridge, unable to cross it - either forward or back. So, I plan to burn this bridge. Soon, as soon as I've...
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One of the biggest problems with writing -- or any creative endeavor -- is wasting time. I'm a procrastinator by nature unless I'm really into what I'm doing. Cross-stitch has been my focus lately and I've completed quite a few projects. I began the year with the goal of making 6 Xmas stockings for...
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Many writers, on this site and others, often launch into discussions about the terrible, dark nature of the blank page whenever they run into difficulty. These days, social media like blogs, chat rooms, MySpace and Facebook provide numerous opportunities to fall into this not-so-productive habit....