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We here at the Daily Sam have been advised by our Board of Directors—which consists of anyone who will listen to us for longer than two minutes—to post new editions of the Daily Sam blog on a regularly-scheduled basis. As a result we have decided that going forward the Daily Sam will be published...
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This is a good moment to plug a new anthology, How They See Us: Meditations on America, edited by James Atlas. When I was asked to write for it some time back, I thought it was a good idea. After all, haven't the Americans been proclaiming their confusion about the reasons why so much of the...
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Muhammad and the 'closure' myth By Naseem Rakha Tuesday, November 10, 2009   Of all the arguments in support of capital punishment, perhaps the most emotionally compelling is that it provides "closure" for the loved ones of murder victims. Prosecuting attorneys, politicians...
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The so-called mainstream media, once defined as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal and the three major network TV stations, no longer have a monopoly on the opinion making process in American life. Why belabor the...
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Washington Post, why are you not content with one publication? Why must you bring forth blogs like some kind of web-based hydra? Nonetheless, thank you for your nice mention in whatever this thing is: Skurnick even thinks to include risque fiction by Jean Auel and V.C. Andrews, which was intended...
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On Midge's blog: http://www.midgeraymond.com/blog/?p=707
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What a pleasure it was being interviewed by Elizabeth Chang in the Washington Post Sunday Magazine. The article, Author Profits with Perfect Pitch,starts with, "Sam Horn is an expert at getting noticed, professionally and personally. The author, speaker and consultant, whose latest book is...
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I created this comic strip around the 18th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre for the Washington Post.  I tried a black and white version, but the editor, Marie Arana, said she'd give me the centerfold if I drew it in full color.  Here is the interview with Marie:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/...
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You've read about Six Word Memoirs, right? Well, here are some Six Word Love Stories from WaPost, just in time for Valentine's Day--- Craigs List. True love. Who knew?Lover breaks mold, none can compare.Past gone, future unknown, present bliss.Early morning love, thanks, Lou Rawls.Serendipity, luck...
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Francine Prose is profiled in the WaPost today.  Things I gleaned from the article: 1. writing cannot be taught, but reading can 2. go ahead and canniblize your own life; you can distort the actual facts 3. forget outlining;  you learn about your characters as you write them into being 4. it's the...