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I'm just amazed by the stuff Pat can do to promote our books. Go to http://www.yabookscentral.com/ and look at the little ad that she created for Juggler in the Wind. Watch the animation for a moment, then click it. While you're on our site, stroll around the pages a bit. Oh, and for those of you...
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A play version of Pat's and my novel Juggler in the Wind is featured in the current issue of READ Magazine. It feels great to be in the same issue with Rod Serling and Ray Bradbury. I can't thank editor Debbie Dolan Nevins enough. The amazing illustrations are by David Ho. READ is an excellent...
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Pat Perrin and I recently published the award-winning first novel in our Wand Bearer Trilogy, Juggler in the Wind (available at Amazon.com). You can learn more about it on my previous blog, Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin interview each other about "Juggler in the Wind". We're hard at work at...