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I'm delighted to announce that Footsteps on the Shore, the sixth in the DI Andy Horton series of marine mystery crime novels set on the South Coast of England, is to be published in paperback in August by Severn House Paperbacks and as an e book in September by Severn House Digital. Footsteps on...
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The news that Amazon Publishing has bought almost 50 titles written by the late crime author Ed McBain has sent ripples of alarm through the publishing world as the retailer encroaches ever deeper into publishing, but it has no doubt delighted McBain fans.  I also read the news with a personal...
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Opinion is free, and part of being a published author is that you have to accept that some people will love your books, others will loathe them.  What one critic raves over another will slate.  Most authors dread reviews.  For nine months (and sometimes longer for some authors) you have poured...