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It was one of those stores that was always on Walnut Creek's Main Street. Right across from Rineheart's Jewelry store, where the art deco clock was. Nearby was a bagel place, a bakery. And there was Ming Quong.   Ming Quong is a store that if you're looking for something a little offbeat, or...
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Last night, September 29, I had the pleasure of attending "Real Stories," a monthly  story-telling event held at 1515 Restaurant and Lounge, located in downtown Walnut Creek, California. The format of "Real Stories" is "5-6 people telling 10-minute true stories, no notes...
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Facebook I missed out on the spree looting of Footlocker and other businesses in Oakland after the Johannes Mehserle verdict. But about 200 other people seemed to be having a great time burning and smashing. Out-of-town agitators, officials said, in kind a weird throwback to establishment...
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Last night, I ventured out in the biblical rain that has lasted fourteen, now fifteen, days to go to a book signing by columnist Robert Scheer which is at the local Unitarian Church, three miles away.       Granted, I've scrupulously avoided Ygnacio Valley Blvd., a thoroughfare that makes Madison...
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 For each bookstore signing I do in March, there will be a special gift bag raffle, courtesy of my publisher, Simon Pulse. These gift bags contain a dream journal, a Dunkin Donuts gift card, a sleep mask and a mug with the WAKE logo on it! How cool is that? So come out to the signings! You have to...