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How did it get to be 2014? Yes, I sound incredibly old. I’ve mentioned before anyday now I’ll start using words like “dagnabit” and “kids these days.” With the new year comes new books. When there’s new books, I do my Snoopy happy dance. I might even drool. What am I going to be reading? Come find...
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My current work-in-progress requires a disaster. Hurricane Katrina would work. So would 9-11. But I can't bring myself to use those tragic events. I'm even uncomfortable using this image from Katrina. It simply feels too soon, with too many of the hurricane's victims still in pain. I recently...
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I'm reading The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb. Love, love, love this book. (Don't tell me how it ends--I'm not done yet!). At more than 700 pages, it's quite a tale, involving the Columbine shootings, a couple of Katrina victims and myriad other real and imagined events. However, I constantly...